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英俊美男, Dan

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Dan Pera

英俊美男, Dan

丹自豪自己有最好的ABS装置(我不能说与他就这样!这些ABS树脂是死的! ) 。他的20岁海陵从洛杉矶加州。他的新的建模与梦想,宽限期为掩护健身杂志一天。他的5 ‘6 “ 145磅。

Dan prides himself of having the best abs (I can’t argue with him on that! Those abs are to die for!). He’s 20 years old hailing from Los Angeles California. He’s new to modeling and dreams to grace the cover of fitness magazines someday. He’s 5′ 6″ at 145 lbs.Dan Pera