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Hollywood Actor – Kyle Brandon Lowder

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Hollywood Actor – Kyle Brandon Lowder

Kyle Brandon Lowder was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but his family moved to Pleasantville, New York in Westchester County when Kyle was six years old. Lowder excelled in both athletics and performing arts during his four years at Pleasantville High School. He was quarterback of the Pleasantville Panthers, All New York State in Track and Field in the 800-meter event, and still found time to star in many theatrical productions and participate in the All New York State Choir. Lowder had the honor of competing alongside athletes from all over the world in the International High School Track Championships.


During his senior year of high school, Kyle decided that performing arts was truly his passion over sports and was accepted into the prestigious Syracuse University Drama Department. After the first semester of his sophomore year, Kyle flew to Los Angeles to participate in a series of workshops and showcases for actors. The response from agents and managers was overwhelming, so much in fact that Kyle decided upon a leave of absence from college to stay in Los Angeles to follow his dream. “At first my parents were not that thrilled that I was putting school off for a while, but after only a few weeks being in Hollywood, I was booking jobs and having great meetings, but most importantly, I was able to support myself, so my parents came around.”


Lowder appeared in several national campaigns and runway shows for Abercrombie & Fitch and Speedo before landing the heavily anticipated role of Brady.

Lowder has two younger brothers; Travis attends the University of Colorado and youngest brother Cameron is a sophomore in high school. Kyle’s father, Craig, is the director of communications for IBM and his mother, Susan, teaches middle school.


In his spare time, Kyle enjoys working out, going to the beach, and is a self professed movie buff. A Virgo, he celebrates his birthday on August 27th.

Mexican Actor Of Telenovelas – Kuno Becker

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Mexican Actor Of Telenovelas – Kuno Becker

Kuno Becker, born January 14, 1978 in Mexico City, is a Mexican actor of telenovelas, the cinema of Mexico and the United States.


He was born to German father and Mexican mother. Becker’s career as an artist began at an early age, although not as an actor but as a musician. When he was six years old, he intended to become a professional violinist. After obtaining a scholarship, he travelled to Europe and began his studies in the famous Mozarteum of the city of Salzburg, Austria, where he spent several years studying the violin with internationally famous teachers such as Denes Zsigmondi and Rugiero Ricci.


At seventeen, however, Kuno made the decision to set aside his career as a violinist, in order to pursue what he now considers his greater passion, acting. He auditioned with more than 3,200 candidates, and was accepted as a student at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) of Televisa.

At the age of nineteen, after two years of drama studies, he obtained his first rôle in the telenovela Para Toda la Vida, with which he stayed for 120 episodes. He later participated in the telenovelas Pueblo Chico, Infierno Grande (with Verónica Castro and directed by José Alberto Castro), El Alma no Tiene Color (directed by Juan Osorio) Desencuentro (directed by Ernesto Alonso), Rencor Apacionado (directed by Lucero Suárez), Camila (directed byAngelli Nesma) and Soñadoras. In April 2000 Becker concluded the recording of the telenovela Mujeres Engañadas, his first lead rôle.


In addition to his work in television, Becker has participated in some plays with Televisa. In 1998 he worked in the musical comedy En Roma el Amor es Broma. At the time he was appearing in the telenovela Soñadoras, Becker toured several Mexican cities with his one-man show Culpas Prohibidas. In only a few years and thanks to the Televisa’s high profile in Mexico, he has become one of the best-known young actors.

In the cinema he provided the voice of Cale in the Spanish-dubbing of the film Titan A.E., and also appeared in the 1997 film La Primera Noche. In 2002 Becker starred in the film La hija del caníbal]] (Lucía, Lucía) opposite the Argentine actress Cecilia Roth, and in 2005 he played the lead role of Santiago Munez for the film Goal!.


Becker has said that now he wishes to concentrate solely on his film career, and is looking for new opportunities not only in Mexican films, but also internationally.

British Actor – Karl Davies

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British Actor – Karl Davies

Karl Davies, born August 1982 in Stockport, Cheshire, UK, is a British actor most famous for his role as Robert Sugden in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale.


Previously, Davies appeared in TV series such as The Bill and Peak Practice, “The Hidden City”, “Peak Practice; and lately “Kingdom”.

Davies is focused in his film career. He recently landed the role of Brent Black in Dolphins.


Away from acting, Davies is interested in extreme sports such as snowboarding and parachuting. However, during his time on Emmerdale, he states he was prevented from participating in these activities by the producers.