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想成为模特儿 模特儿 – 提交表格


您可以在 这里发布您的英俊或美丽的照片,让更多的人见证你们的美丽。

想成为模特儿– 只要提交您的照片填好这个表格,我们将免费为您发布。

我们如何为您发布? – 请点击下面看到一些样品。

1。博客发布 – 每日网络搜索超过 22,000 游客查看您的个人资料。

2。 Facebook上的支持者 – 我们将发您的个人资料布在我们BF1的支 持者扇页。

3。谷歌搜索 – 谷歌,雅虎,或MSN等各大搜索引擎, 可以找到你的名字。

请注意:本 公司保留所有权利接受或拒绝你的申请,恕不另行通知。


Become Model – Form Submission

Wish to be a Male Model or Female Model ??? Completely Free Posting!!!

You can post your handsome or beautiful photo here to let more people to witness your beautiful figures, some how maybe there looking for model like you…then they will contact you by themselves if they are interested.

Want to Become Model – just submit your photo using this form, and we will post for you Free.

How we publish for you? Please Click below to see some sample.

1. Blog Posting – with daily visitors more then 22,000 to view your profile.

2. FaceBook Fans – we will post your profile in to our BF1 fan page.

3. Google Search – the major search engine like google, yahoo, msn or ask can locate your name.

Take Note : The Company reserved all right to accept or reject your application without prior notice.

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